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Tonya Jones Salon Spa

by curiousjenn at Citysearch

I visited the Jilbere Salon yesterday (in the shopping area next to Whole Foods) in Mountain Brook and am estactic about the service, the haircut, the friendliness, the cleanliness, and the professionalism!

I had VERY long hair, and wanted something drastic (going short) so wanted to get this done professionally so my hair looked great for the holidays - - I was THRILLED to discover that Tonya Jones, formerly of Richard Joseph Salon Spa, was now the Owner of Jilbere salon. So I made an appointment with her to get my hair cut...

If you've ever visited Richard Joseph Salon Spa and gotten anything done to your hair, you'll remember the fantastic shampoo'g you get with Aveda products, plus scalp and neck massage. Also wine, etc while you wait... At Jilbere, you get all of this plus great one-on-one customer service, open atmosphere (not cramped like RJ), friendly staff who listen to your ideas (yes, I brought printed photos of what I wanted), and beautiful styling.

It is my understanding that Jilbere Salon will be re-named TONYA JONES SALON SPA, as Tonya has taken ownership effective January 1st. And yes, she will still be styling and cutting hair!

So, for those of you who love Aveda products, Master stylists who've trained around the world, an upscale atmosphere, great customer service, and above all, a PERFECT haircut - then you should make the switch to Jilbere Salon (Tonya Jones Salon Spa) today!

2700 Cahaba Village Plaza

Mountain Brook, Alabama
(205) 870-4247


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